Sunday, June 27, 2010

Risotto again,

Well, you may be wondering WHAT I have been doing with my truffle. On Friday I went and got myself some more chanterelles for a risotto that I had been meaning to make for quite some time.

So here it is, Risotto with chanterelles and truffles.

What worked?
Well, the flavour profile is good, but that probably came down to me keeping it very simple, so the ingredients spoke for themselves. I only added shallots, garlic, chanterelles and rice and truffle for the solid component.

What didn't work?
My laziness to just let it "cook" without doing much more than put in the stock and the "occasional stir/agitation" meant some grains a little under cooked. I could've kept the heat on, but I couldn't decide what was worse, glaggy overcooked risotto or one with a few undercooked bits. I opted for the undercooked bits.

Depth of flavour not quite there, as I didn't have any "fresh" ingredients on hand, so you could say it was really...just a mushroom risotto, But lucky Ilike mushrooms.

I think I have an obsession with mushrooms. I like fungus.

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ebr999 said...

When are you going to do another post already? If you don't update soon I am going to break onto your blog and post about the joys of eating mashed potatoe with instant gravy.