Who is Dave?

I am an ordinary guy that drinks a lot of coffee.
I am not a food writer.
I am someone who "thanks a farmer" if I've eaten today.
I am not a "food critic", but I do criticise (a lot, I'm not perfect)
I am someone who appreciates the toil of producing a delicious meal.
I am not a cook.
I am an eater, I have 26 27 28 years worth of experience.

I am not a vegetarian, but I want to eat less meat.
I am trying to make ethical choices in the food I buy, because I am cogsiant to industrial farming, and you should be too.
I am not there yet, but I am determined to be. This is my manifesto.

I am trying to grow my own produce in my humble urban garden.
I am not that good at it, yet.
I am spending more time to understand where my food comes from.
I am not in support of industrial agriculture, and I am also refusing to use chemicals in my garden.
I am in love with quality, fresh, and seasonal produce.
I am not going to buy produce that is not seasonal - I will at least try.

I am trying and reduce my environmental footprint, not because of climate change or for any other radical reason other than for the fact that it is the right thing to do.
I am not sure if I will even have impact, but I would have tried, and this is how change begins.

I am a nerd (engineer by education, but now I do things in environment).
I am not sure what the future holds, but I've learnt that change isn't scary if you know it's right.
I am so into coffee, that it could scare you.
I am not an addict.
I am a coffee aficianado (ha ha).

I am not a hippie, but I really love chai (yes, with soy, and yes, brewed with the tea).
I am often a visitor to farmer's markets (yes, St Andrews as well).

I am Dave, and I am a resident of Melbourne.

Welcome to my account of all things food.