Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bar Lourinha revisited.

I don't think I've done this place justice on my blog.

I want to start by saying, this is one of my favourite places to visit, especially after work for a drink and a bite. Although, to be fair,  I don't visit it as often as I have places like MoVida, I don't know why...maybe it's the creme caramel that calls to me at MoVida. But other than that, this place is the quintessential bar come restaurnat come awesome!!

To cut the story short, we had a procession of fantastic dishes (a majority of which were vegetarian, as my dear friend "Betty" doesn't eat animals). I don't dare name her on this blog, I am in fear for naming her as now bad things will happen.

Cracked green olives, cabbage salad, chickpea salad, padron peppers (more on these later), poulet eggs, lamb and chicken with couscous were all generally really good. Funnily, the green olives were fantastic and just full of juice. How good would they be in a martini?!

We started with the padron peppers, which allegedly, meant to be 90% mild and 10% hot. That is 1 in every 10 peppers were meant to be damn hot. Well, I think I got more than 1 in 10!! What bullshit!

Desserts were excellent, I had the burnt orange crema and my friend had the churros. But by the end I was fairly sick - over eating doesn't pay, it never does.


Bar Lourinha, 37 Little Collins St, Melbourne CBD

ps. I take crap photos and this place was not a place that I really wanted to take photos!

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ebr999 said...

Name me!! Name me!! I want people to know I was there at the begginning when this blog goes global.

Also, you neglected to mention the cocktails with fluff.

There is a place in st kilda called clay pots or something, i think it is supposed to be good. We should check it out if I ever move!!

Dave said...

Yeh sure, but I may need a couch to lay on afterwards. Sleeping in the carpark isn't all.

I blame you for my problems. YOU!