Sunday, January 30, 2011


Well, there goes the Brasserie and here comes the Rotisserie. Well, it's already here. If you don't already know what PM24 is, it is the newly opened restaurant by Phillip Mouchel, who used to run the fantastic brasserie in Crown.

Located on Russel St towards Flinders St, it is a smart space. The kitchen is clearly visible from the dining areas and the restaurant is very much about the rotisserie. Beyond the rotisserie, the snails which were available at the Brasserie rears its head at PM24. However, I'm not a fan of snails and as you know I am trying to rid them from my damn garden! However,  to be fair, I have tried them at the Brasserie and they didn't taste like much other than chewy pieces of meat. It's the thought that just makes it unpalatable.

We started off with a few entrees to share of Country Pate,  Seafood Nicoise, and a Blue Swimmer Crab Cake. The pate didn't hit the mark in terms of texture and flavour in my opinion. I've had better (see Gills Diner).

The two other dishes, the cold seafood nicoise and crab cake were fantastic. The seafood nicoise which had 1 (ONE) quail egg , and cold shellfish was a great and refreshing combination for a warm summers evening. The crab cake, was well textured, with some substance and of course, what can I say , I love heirloom tomatoes.

The mains selection of the menu was quite small given neither of us felt the need to eat a piece of beef which cut out about 4 dishes. We opted for a dish from the rotisserie menu which was allegedly the "best dish of the menu". The duck, which required a minimum of 2 persons, was indeed as they said, a great choice. I don't think I've had duck this moist and succulent. There was no molecular gastronomy on the plate. There was no fancy mousses, airs, foams, soils, dusts or  whatever else on display. It was a piece of damn good duck, with some potatoes and natural jus. That's it. Funny how some classical food can be damn good. Special mention however, needs to be made for the chips. Yes, they were that good.

We opted for the dessert plate. Those of you know me know how I've virtually cut out additive sugar from my diet. This almost put me into a sugar coma. We both thought a lot of the desserts were quite sweet. Incredibly sweet. Otherwise, it was decent. Nothing spectacular.

PM24 is worth visiting. It is a clean, smart space with solid food. What else can you ask for?

PM24, 24 Russel St, Melbourne

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