Wednesday, September 14, 2011's been a while

Well, it's been a while. But I've quit my job again. hehehe

How FREAKEN reckless is quitting without something else lined up? Frankly, I'm pretty excited. Wouldn't you be? I'm all for people resigning...One thing I've learnt, I'm not a very tolerant person anymore, but whatever, freedom here I come oh how I've missed you!!!

So what will I be doing now I'm a man of leisure?

Eating savoury muffins from Green Refectory (at least once a week, it'd be a crime not to, and I don't want to be criminal)
Eating pistachio torsades from Brunswick East Project (again, crime not to)
Having lunch at Pope Joan (again, crime not to)
Going to CERES to buy fresh produce
Going to Fitzroy to buy overpriced stuff but loving the quality and exotic-ness and whilst I'm there eat damn good roast beef paninis from the Brunswick St Alimentari... (crime not to)
Having breakfast(late brunch) at Babkas (crime not to)
Start cooking from my 4 dozen or so cookbooks...
Try and do chocolate classes because I think having a chocolate factory is my destiny awaiting.
Plant a shit load of vegetables and figure out why the hell my tomato seedlings don't seem to be doing very well - can you believe all that effort gone to waste? GONE TO WASTE.
Maybe take my dog for a walk...(just guilt)
Fly interstate for a day...or to Kangaroo dear friend Southern Ocean Lodge, oh how I've missed you. (almost crime not to, but borderline)
Drink amazing coffee in the spring sunshine with a pair of brand new wayfarers that I haven't got

Exercise like my life depended on it.

Oh yeah, and maybe look for a job if I run out of money.....but I figure I'm going to win the lottery any day now so I'll just wait for that.

So I hope you're super jealous....What else do you think I should do?


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leaf (the indolent cook) said...

You're my hero! I've played with the idea of quitting without another job lined up, but haven't been able to take the leap. As for what else you can do... maybe you can start up a food venture and hire me. ;)