Friday, October 14, 2011


In my mind, my garden is profilic with produce. An abundance only stoppable by my inclination to cultivate whatever piece of dirt that I have.

But in reality, cold weather that is checking the growth of many many vegetables, clay, more clay and endless clay, bags and bags of compost, cow shit, sheep shit, chook shit, more compost, seedlings, more seeds and watering and that's just to the starting point.
Then is there is the small (or actually, massive) issue of damn aphids. Initially, they stealthly enter the garden, attacking things like neighboring rose bushes, but soon enough with the lack of predators, they move through to the the chilli and capsicum plants, and even the tomato plants. Thousands upon thousands of aphids.

How can my seedlings survive such an attack? Yes, there are a few beneficial insects here and there like the wasp and the ladybirds...but somehow, the eco-oil wasn't doing enough to balance things out. There is imbalance in my yard.

Well, I called for reinforcement. I ordered live insects online - yes...I am that guy that orders insects online.

500 lacewing larvae ready to end my aphid problem. I put a few on my little padron pepper plant which I had only transplanted last week. Here you go aphids, meet your friends...aka aphid lions. My only concern is after I purchased them I read that the actual lacewings and also the bigger larvae actually bite...which can be quite nasty........but I really really have an aphid problem.

My backyard

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