Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stuff..with chocolate and coffee and more stuff

Shit, it's been a long time. I can offer nothing but excuses for neglecting this space of mine.

This post has been sitting in draft for months, so I figured I better delete it or post it. It has been so long since I've posted about coffee. My love of coffee is on the cusp of obsessive. I know it, you know it, we all know it - so let's not hide it like a dirty secret. So indeed, I have no shame here.

So I just wanted to dot point a few of the cafe's I routinely drink at, and some not so routinely just because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. 

Brunswick East Project

I'd have to start off with my absolute favourite place The Brunswick East Project. Yes, it says "No Hawkers or Bloggers" on the door. But I love this place, so I'm living dangerously. All for you dear friends. The friendliest cafe staff, the best advice and definitely some of the best coffee being delivered.

After many many coffees, I have to say TBEP does the most consistent coffee around. Did I also say consistently GREAT coffee on their two slayers? Yes. They also do an amazing cold drip. One of the best imho.
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Wide Open Road
A neat little cafe in Barkly St in Brunswick, really limited seating, but when the sun is out, and the weather is fine, it is so nice to sit outside and just enjoy life (even if the view is Safeway). Currently being renovated or something, but their coffee just as good as any.

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L'atelier by Monsier Truffe
Ok, this isn't really a "coffee" place, rather it is more a "chocolate place". But how could I not mention this place? They conch their own freaken chocolate. Who does that? Well, not many I tell you. Not many. That's what you call dedication. I mean, I won't lie, I wouldn't be able to tell you whether or not their single origin Madagascan is better than Valhrona's single origin madagascan, but points just for being different! Their hot choc is seriously, the only hot chocolate you should be drinking. The darkest only. 
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Seven Seeds
I suppose because they're the same group of peeps that I've grouped them. Seven seeds is famous for their specialty coffee and damn have I had some amazing coffee here - namely their filters and cold drips. I've had some brilliant geisha coffees here. I love this place if I can be bothered traveling that extra 5 minutes, and also if I'm willing to battle the legions of other fans. It is that busy.
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I like BBB. I really do. But I have to admit, it is better when certain staff are pulling the shots. I know, big call, but I do like BBB. I used to walk 10mins from the office to get a coffee. But it's true,  it's better when the shots come from certain staff.
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Manchester Press
No doubt, this place is super cool. Hidden in a laneway, a haven within the city grid. The food is simple, honest and pretty delicious. The decor is brillaint - I mean, how could you not like POISON bottles being used as vases? And of course, their intricate etched latte art draws the "wows" and "omgs". But I'm going to go out on a limb and say it...their coffee can be really hit and REALLY hit and miss. It's nice early morning, when it's quieter. It's nice to sit and enjoy the space, but if you really need a shot to save your life, look into BBB and see who's behind the machine.
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Dead Man Espresso
I love the name. I love the space. I love their coffee.
That is all. Oh, did I mention I love the space? An almost balcony effect with their elevated seating, on a warm summery day with a delicious pour over will bring a bit of happiness in your life. Trust me.
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Proud Mary
I have to admit, I went to Proud Mary just to check what all the hype was about. Yes, I'm sure "bloggers" like myself, add to the hype, but I had to. Seriously, if their coffee is THAT good right? I mean, they have a Yama cold drip sitting in the middle of their communal table. Surely, their cold drip would be amazing to have such an instrument for all to see? was ok.

The food was also ok. That's right, it was just ok, but maybe it's me?
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Three Bags Full

To me, Three Bags Full and Proud Mary are very similar. Perhaps, it's their location? You know, sort of middle of no-where-backstreets of inner-city suburban cafe. But I like Three Bags Full. I don't know what it is. I like it. Food was great, piccolo was great. What else could I ask for?
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St Ali
Well, how could a post be about coffee without St Ali? Prior to this year, it had been years, YEARS since my last visit to this South Melbourne cafe. I mentioned to a friend that we went well before it exploded and became this empire. Well before it became so damn busy. When it was possible to be the only people in the cafe. It was that long ago, when I was still able to bitch about how much I hated uni. I know. That was before reality.

I must admit, I had lowered my expectations of this place. As places become "gastrotemples / coffee meccas", they lose their charm. They just become big. You know. But I was wrong. I really really liked it. Sure their cold drip was ok. But it was their syphon. A syphon of the Panama Don Pachi Geisha was stratospherically good. Sure it was $12, but it was one of the best 'filters' I've had to date.
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There are so many cafes in Melbourne and it is so clear that it's the "food" component that really creates an insane amount of hype around a "coffee house / cafe". But I'm more often than not, left a bit disappointed with their coffees, namely espresso based.

Places whose primary and sometimes, only focus has always been coffee seems to always deliver. For now, I'm playing with my new coffee gadgets.


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