Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I can't lie. I really love burgers. If you had asked me a while ago (before BBK) if I loved burgers, I would've told you, NO. I do not love burgers. But now, I love burgers, so much so that I'd eat one before going for a swim. That's how much I love them - I am willing to risk drowning.

So it's a wonder why I've been so slow off the mark to try Huxtaburger, I mean, how many times have people asked me "what you think of huxtaburger?" when they find out how much I love burgers.

So finally bit the bullet and tried it. Try it twice in fact, over the last week or so (just to be sure). Finally. So now, I can say I've tried the Huxtaburger, I can tell you, blog buddies, what I think of huxtaburger.

Not bad. 

There has been so so so much hype around huxtaburger, expectations of it were high, and in all fairness, I did enjoy it. Totally. The bun was however, quite sweet for a burger, brioche if I'm not mistaken, but I'd say it is in balance with the tomato sauce (or "ketchup"), pickles, mustard, pattie and cheese. The burger certainly has a "fast food" element to it, you know...the sugar, the salt, the fat (pretty much in every single component).  At $8.50, it's cheaper than the Beatbox Kitchen, but also smaller. It's probably the right size, anymore and you could be over it.

So , Beatbox Kitchen vs Huxtaburger? I mean, that's what you're all thinking right? If I were to crave a burger, like so much that I'd get into a street fight to get to one? I'd say the Beatbox. But I'd happily devour a huxtaburger still. Despite all the reviews indicating ridiculous waits, both times have been  less than 10 mins. Just go on a weekday.

106 Smith Street, Collingwood

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