Saturday, April 17, 2010

Other Stuff

In other news, this week my order for Moritz and Birra Moretti finally arrived. It has taken some time to find a supplier in Melbourne that actually stocks Moritz that to my surprise also had Moretti. Now, they're both lagers, so you beer freaks out there are probably laughing, but whatever.

I suppose my first exposure of Moritz, was funnily in Melbourne not Barcelona where it is actually brewed. Places like MoVida, Anada etc have it. It to me, epitomises a summer beer. Even though, the weather is getting colder, I am trying to convince myself it would be suitable for all seasons.

In my search for both, it seemed that Moretti isn't as well rated as I expected. But it just goes down so so easily. Anyway, now that i've discovered a successful way of getting Moritz delivered to my door without having to drive around for it, I am a full of excitement!!

I will let you know about my trip to the Yarra Valley Farmer's market tomorrow. I hope to buy some more of the lemon myrtle short bread biscuits. I swear, they must have some sort of stimulant to get me so addicted to them. Maybe I just like eating stuff like lemon myrtle.

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