Saturday, February 26, 2011

Padrons, Tomatillos and the Convent.

I found some padrons and tomatillos at the market this morning.

The story goes like this, I woke up fairly early this morning and had a an hour or two to spare so I thought I'd pop down to Abbotsford to check out the Slow Food Farmer's Market. I often don't venture that far for farmers' markets but thought it'd be worth a visit.  Well, I have to say, it was well worth the visit (albeit, short visit). To my surprise, a stall had padron peppers and tomatillos on offer - BOTH of which I've tried to grow this year - and still trying but I suspect I transplanted them way too late and our wet and rather cool summer has not helped.

Padron's can be found in some spanish bars/restaurants where they serve them fried with a bit of salt. This + beer = good times (see my post on Bar Lourinha).

The theory goes that they are generally fairly mild, but 1 in 10 are incredibly hot. (Basically, the bigger they are, and therefore more mature, the higher the heat!).

Fingers crossed my batch make it in early autumn!!

As you can see below, fried with salt. Oh yeh. 

Tomatillos (above), are part of the gooseberry family, but can be interchanged with green tomatoes. Highly acidic, no free water - great for salads, salsas, moles etc.


Slowfood @ Abbotsford Convent, 4th Saturday of the Month.

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