Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jerusalem Artichokes.

There is so much to love about Autumn and there is so much to savour in all that it has to offer. The fiery landscapes as we bid farewell to the summer that was, the cold mornings and ultra light days, the first taste of coffee in the early morning, and each time swearing it's the best coffee ever- because coffee just tastes so much better when the weather starts to cool. Autumn is also a time when comfort food takes on a whole new meaning.

It is also a time when produce of the colder months begin to show their abundance at the markets. Chestnuts, pumpkins, apples, persimmons, pine mushrooms and of course, jerusalem artichokes (aka, sunchokes). There is indeed, so much to love about Autumn.

Well, today, I'm just enjoying a lazy Sunday, putting more broadbeans into the garden and making soup for weekday lunches. There is something about a bowl of hot jerusalem artichoke soup that makes me smile. Yes I do, I do love jerusalem artichokes.

Ingredients: olive oil, garlic, onions, water, chicken stock, jerusalem artichokes, cream and a bit of happiness (butter, lescure of course).

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