Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is this the end of my urban garden?

Well, after I posted my update on Christmas morning, a thunderstorm swept through and brought death to my urban garden. Hail stones he size of small marbles. No summer garden could survive such an onslaught. A Merry Christmas to me indeed. But, in retrospect, these are small problems. I am more disappointed in my lack of success in 2011.

I had to fly out that night so I had to rely on others to clean up the damage. Of course, it's just never the same. Well I've come back to tomato plants with barely any leaves, shredded corn plants and holes in almost everything. Photos taken minutes after

6 months worth of work destroyed in 6 minutes. But after travelling through some of the poorest parts of Cambodia, these indeed are small problems, but I think I'll still allow myself to be disappointed for a bit.


My urban garden

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