Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cold Drip


I am so excited that I am compelled to post.

I just bought myself a Hario cold drip coffee contraption. I was totally blown away by the cold drip coffee @ the Brunswick East Project a few weeks ago and have been having it since.

After trying the cold drip a few times I finally decided to buy one. I've never bothered with alternative brewing methods other than espresso, ie, syphon etc because lets face it, me playing with fire will usually end in tears. But I knew, this was different. I absolutely love cold drip.

Anyway, I suppose being a chemical engineer I should totally understand liquid solid extraction right..? You know...flow rates, contact time, porisity, particle size, channeling. Well, I didn't say I was a GOOD chemical engineer..., so it's still a trial and error process.

So in goes the Tanzanian Makombako I got with the equipment.

Yes, I know, there's probably a billion things to think about - but I'm just watching how the coffee begins to saturate as a good indication of whether or not there is equal distribution (and subsequently equal contact and liquid-solid extraction). Youtube videos show pre-saturation, but I don't understand why...But it all comes down to how it tastes. So what are your thoughts? How do you get a uniform distribution of water on a particle bed? Can I saturate and/or fluidise the "bed" and then let it settle?? Am I talking shit?

I can't believe this blog has the words "particle" "distribution" and "porisity" in a post. I am full of shame at the moment. Full of shame!!

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katy_em said...

hey quite a few places serve cold drip coffee.
1) Plantation
2) Twenty and six espresso north Melbourne
3) market lane coffee
and there's a few more that i can't remember.
You'll like them