Monday, August 26, 2013

My urban garden....Spring 2013.

My garden is a complete disgrace.

If my garden was your child, you'd disown it. That's how much of a disgrace it is. Weeds. Everywhere. In every garden bed. Weeds.  Not just a few here and there, but a mat, a covering, an entire lawn, that is (was) on the cusp of flowering and going to seed. Luckily I avoided a major catastrophe, and ripped them all out today, because once they go to seed, it's over.

If you haven't figured out by now, I try to grow things organically (except for my use of pyrethrum last year to deal with the aphids), so any use of herbicides is not an option.Just hard labour of ripping out weeds, by hand. Weed by weed. I basically spent the afternoon filling up my green bin with weeds today, and there's still more to do, but I'll see how much impact this round has had.

Other than that, I started my summer plants a few weeks ago, but this year, I'm going to stick to the old faithfuls. No more experimental plants that yield like 3 tomatoes to then have to deal with the heart break of spending 1-1.5hrs a day watering to get a tomato plant that gives me THREE DAMN TOMATOES (I'm talking about you Hillbilly). So I'm going to grow things that give me millions. BILLIONS even.

- Rouge de marmande
- Yellow pear
- Tommy toe
- Brandywine

- Hungarian Yellow
- Some red one that is long and pointy
- Padron peppers (how could I NOT grow Padron Peppers?!)

- Purple striped ones
- Little Fingers

That's it for now, I'll start all my basils and other summery herbs when the weather gets warmer. I decided I'm going to grow mint in an entire garden bed, make it into a weed. Everyone loves mint, if I have too much I'll just have to drink mojitos all summer to use them up.

Anyway, here are some pictures of what I've been growing.

 1 (one) beetoot. Not sure if it is bulls blood or candy stripes. I'll have to just eat it to find out.

 General weekly harvest, of beets, cabbages, kales, chervil (omg, I have so much chervil), chicory, nasturtium, french sorrel, a couple of carrots.
 I really don't know what's happened here, it's a 3 year old swiss chard plant that went to seed, but the main plant stayed alive and now I have a hanging garden of mini swiss chards.

My wasabi plant - grown from seedling approx 12 months ago and is currently in flower. The caterpillars got to the leaves, but otherwise still doing very well. I wonder how I'll propagate the plant...

The summer to come, seedlings. A little later than usual, but there is still hope.

My urban garden

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