Sunday, April 24, 2011


Well, what can I say about Comme?

The space, was nice, but seemed to be just one big open plan restaurant, and lacked the same degree of character as perhaps some other restaurants of similar offerings.

Next door, the bar, on a Friday night, was incredibly busy - and loud - and it sure did penetrate into the dining room. This got old, pretty quickly. Do something about the acoustics FFS.

Comme didn't really feel exciting. The food was solid, but when you compare to other places, there are better eats to be had, especially when you feel like something delicious.

I can't really remember the food that I had in detail so I'm just going to put up the pictures and what they're called. All in all, not that memorable. All I can remember is thinking how my friend could possibly eat those snails.

I had the slow cooked tuna with a nicoise style salad, roasted hazeldene chicken and Saint-Emilion of chocolate, whilst my friend had the terrine- oh screw it, who am I kidding. I can't remember.

Comme, 7 Alfred Place, Melbourne

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