Monday, April 25, 2011

The Meeting Pool, Montsalvat

Given that Eltham is really only 15minutes from home, I am shocked shocked shocked that I hadn't been to Montsalvat sooner - a not-for-profit art centre, that is home to one of Australia's oldest artist colony (who knows what that means).

I love the grounds, the building and the restaurant - it just seems so perfect for the cooling weather. I can imagine a hearty delicious meal here in deep winter. In fact, I might just make a point to do so.

For a restaurant in Eltham it was pretty good, as Eltham really lacks good eateries (with the exception of one or two places),

Before I go on, I have to say that you can't come to the meeting pool expecting flawless service, or faultless anything. It isn't perfect, the service was intermittent. But for what it lacks in slick operation, it makes up for in character. This place oozes character.

Well, my friend, Denise and I had virtually identical items, starting with the special of baked scallops, moving onto the duck as the mains. Both of which were full of flavour, and quite enjoyable. Only let down is that the scallops were well and truly "cooked". But all in all, delicious.

The duck with lentils was pretty damn good. It didn't look that sexy, but shit, did it taste good. But I'm slightly biased, I absolutely love duck, and I'm starting to like lentils a bit more, but cooking them at home is always a challenge.

For desserts, I ordered some sort of pudding and my friend an orange creme brulee.Both of which were good, but was not technically amazing. but it was solid.

Sometimes that's all that matters - good solid, delicious food.

Next time though, I won't use my damn GPS to guide me to Montsalvat, I'll just look it up like a normal person - cause it ended up taking me through the backstreets of Research! So there's my bit of advice for you boys and girls.

The Meeting Pool, Montsalvat, Eltham

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Anonymous said...

Thank you! This helped alot, haha and my GPS wanted to do the same!
I had a Kangaroo special which was wonderful