Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Station Hotel

Ok, everyone needs to tell me about my bravery - I actually went to Footscray. OK OK - I'm kidding. I know I'm just being dramatic! I am however surprised at how much has changed over the last few years, such as the total transformation of the train station. I wonder if that awesome kebab place in Footscray Plaza is still around.
I've been wanting to eat at the Station Hotel for quite some time, where allegedly ex-Botanical chef Sean Donovan serves up amazing steaks with a few sea offerings such as oysters etc. I distinctly remember how brilliant the oysters were at the Botanical, with the ultra-freshly shucked varieties like label rouge, some mini japanese varieties etc.

The space itself did not feel much like a pub but more of a casual restaurant. I was quite excited at the anticipation of ordering steak as I rarely order steak when dining out. I don't know why, but it's not how I roll.

To begin with we had something light to share such as a goats cheese tart and we wanted to try the falafel but the waiter recommended we had way too much food if we were going to order steaks and he was damn right. The tart that we did order was fine - smooth pumpkin-ish filling with a crumbling crust - I couldn't get myself to eat the gooey cheese though. *shivers*.

For the mains, I ordered the 400g dry aged grass fed Angus whilst my friend had the New York Sirlion. When they both arrived I instantly felt relief that we didn't order more than what the waiter suggested - as it was indeed too much food. I couldn't even finish the steak - weak I know!

It goes without saying they were cooked to specification. I felt a little embrassed for not being able to finish it as everyone else in the room seemed to be able to polish their servings off - shame Dave shame!!

For desserts, I had the Valhrona chocolate cake with rhubarb jam and Debbie had the creme brulee. I pretty much finished the chocolate cake. And given my manifesto to try and have as little additive sugar as possible, that says a lot. Shame again!

The Station Hotel is a sophisticated gastro pub serving brilliant food - especially if you're after a brilliant steak in the West.

The Station Hotel, 59 Napier St, Footscray

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