Monday, February 6, 2012


Well, MissChu is allegedly the queen of rice paper rolls (as per their slogan) so you really should expect phenomenal rice paper rolls.

I have to disclaim my bias here, and say we (as in others in my family) do brilliant rice paper rolls. As in, just as good as place..if not better, so I knew, it'd take an epic effort to wow me, especially on rice paper rolls.

The positives is that I don't think there is any other place like this in Melbourne, not that I know of anyway, so they've got that niche covered. However, they seemed pre-prepared. This is great for lunch time, but for a dinner type meal, I think it was a bit "meh". Why am I so critical I hear you ask!? Well, rice paper rolls are just THAT much better when they're freshly rolled because they start to dry up very quickly. The one I had, the skin was getting dry, but the fillings were delicious.

A lot of places fill them with vermicilli and a few herbs and a tiny slither of meat. Which really is quite disappointing. MissChu certainly has the balance right.
Their cocktails are interesting as well, using the classic, "Frozen Fresh Young Coconut" juices that you can get at an asian supermarket as the basis for their cocktails. Pretty nice, but beware diabetics.

I think in summary, it is an ok place to get a quick bite in the CBD. Yes they do good rice paper rolls, but I must admit, I won't be waking up in a cold sweat thinking about them.

But if you know how to make rice paper rolls, don't expect a revelation. Oh, the use of immigration photos as their wall a bit ......errr.. seriously?!?  On that note, we went to New Gold Mountain and there were also photos of random people on the wall as you walk up the dark dark stairs, which was a bit unnerving...

MissChu, 297 Exhibition St, Melbourne

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