Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gills Diner

Gill's Diner, sitting in a little alley way behind Galleria in Melbourne's CBD, is perhaps one of my little favourite places that I never seem to visit enough.

I discovered Gill's quite some time ago, when I used to frequent the Commercial Bakery for coffee. For those of you that aren't familiar of Gill's Diner, it is set in a refurbished warehouse, with the section closest to the main street being the bakery and the back section a diner.

From memory, the first time I had ever been to Gill's was basically late one night and we just wanted coffee, but ended up ordering their churros. After being super impressed, I must've returned for dinner some time later. Dinner then became lunches which became more dinners...and you get the picture.

Very rarely does a place evoke so many sensory memories, such as the unbelievably good "hand cut spaghetti marinara", which was surprisingly was so so luxurious when I first had it. Unfortunately, their "recipe" has changed and is no longer the same when I first had it. Or the almost sugar like balsamic dressed rocket and parmesan salad, which was acidic, bitter yet so dammnn good. These things have drawn me back to this place as the weather gets colder and I dream of some classic classic food.

For dinner last night, we started with the farmhouse terrine and mushroom bruschetta. The terrine is something that I always look forward to - and I am generally not a massive fan of terrine. With mains, I had the marinara, although beautifully cooked, I still yearn for that dish that I first tried some years ago. Desert was a trio of ice creams. Can I just say, I need to freaken get an ice cream machine and just make awesome ice cream? Because I don't think you can ever compare proper ice cream with the supermarket stuff.


Gills Diner, 360 Little Collins St, Enter via Gills Alley, Melbourne CBD

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