Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just want to start by making a somewhat controversial statement, Launceston is a hole. I really really dislike Launceston, but I don't know why I keep visiting. To be fair though, I never intend to stay very long but rather a passing stop to pick up essential provisions for a trip into the wide open spaces of Tasmania. Tasmania, I do like. I really like.

However, today, my freaken flight was delayed for TWO hours, because of "fog". I didn't see any fog when we landed. It must've magically disappeared into thin air or something. I just think they're excuses. Surely in this day and age, a pilot can land a plane without visuals right? Surely that is possible now.

Anyway, I digress. After wasting a whole day, pondering around the "town", I will call it the "town", I remembered when I was there a few years ago, quite a few years ago, like 5, I had eaten at a place called Novaro's. Even though I had no idea what it was called, I knew I'd recognise it when I saw it, and given how small this "town" is, I found it fairly quickly.

Novaro's is an italian restaurant, that almost has a feeling of someone's home. It really is that small. But I really really love the size of it. However, I ate at 5.30pm, I don't know if this sentiment would be repeated if it was packed, busy, and loud. When I arrived, the manager/owners, must've have been having their dinner, because they had to get up to open the doors.

For entrees, I had a slow cooked pork belly with lemon sauteed scallops and for mains I had their signature rabbit ravioli with burnt butter and sage. The pork belly and scallops was meltingly soft, and the sweetness of the marmalade, scallops and pork was a really good start to dinner. I was pleasently surprised at how much I enjoyed it. For mains, the ravioli consisted of three generous sized parcels of rabbit mince in a buttery sauce. The pasta itself, could have been more yielding. Funnily, the side salad that came with it, a rocket, balsamic, parmesan and pear salad was brilliant. Brilliant I say.

Dessert was slightly disappointing, with from what I gather as being store bought ice cream, and a pudding that was slightly too sweet.

In spite of all the little things, I really like Novaro's. I would go back, again and again. Given I was able to have dinner in less than an hr before my flight, I was pretty impressed. But then again, 5.30 isn't really peak hour is it.


Novaro's, 28 Brisbane St, Launceston

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