Tuesday, August 24, 2010

MoVida Aqui

I can't believe I haven't actually written a proper post on MoVida. I can't believe it. I really don't know how something so terrible could have occurred.

Tonight, I will right a wrong. MoVida Aqui. Like my previous post about Mamasita, it is with a heavy heart that I post about MoVida. Not because it isn't one of my favourite places in Melbourne to eat, drink and be happy, but because it is one of those places that is already so so busy, that if it gets any more busy, I may never have another opportunity to eat there!! Luckily MoVida Aqui is a much bigger space than its original, MoVida. Make no mistake though, Fridays and Saturdays are insanely difficult. I don't know how many times I tried, albeit without reservations, and failed.

It is not often I take photos of the restaurant's space, but tonight, I was compelled to do so as after all, this is the place where the amazing flan exists. It doubles almost as a bar, but make no mistake, people come here for the amazing food.

We started off with a couple of bombas, which are basically mashed potato balls filled with chorizo (like a croqueta, but so so much better). Just wanted to also note that it rained so heavily that people were staring outside the windows from the restaurant, so fried potato balls really was the perfect start to dinner, warm and silky smooth.

Perhaps one of my all time favourites, the bocadillo. MoVida's take is a bit more refined than a traditional bocadillo, but shit is it good. Amazing calamari with an unbelievably tangy mayonnaise. I mean...anything that is fried and has mayonnaise can't really fail, it's just that this feels stratospherically gluttonous (esp after having vegetable soup for lunch..)

Pork and pepper sausages. Need I say more? Are you cold? Is it winter? I still stand by my position that you can't get good sausages very often. Even at farmer's markets, they are often a disappointment. Either overly salty and fatty, or way too dry. I don't really care if this is Spanish, Mexican, Australian. This is comfort.

To continue the theme of comfort food, we also ordered slow braised beef cheeks in pedro ximenez on cauliflower puree. Soft, warming and yielding. Three words. That is all
I haven't had potatos for so long...we HAD to order some patatas bravas....HAD to. Deceptively, the amount of food we ordered was incredibly filling. Although only 4-5 dishes to share, they were solid meaty dishes, that were really substantial. The potatos, served at the dangerous end of dinner, were still good. But as I have alluded, the dangerous end of dinner, where gluttony takes over and all common sense fails. I almost was too full for dessert. Note, almost, it will never be the case though.


You know it's something special when I introduce special ASCII effects into my blog. You know it's going to be amazing. I've raved about the MoVida flan for as long as I can remember. I've posted a dodgy photo, but finally, here is a clearer picture for your visual enjoyment.

My dear friend had the churros. She indicated that it was ultra soft and delicious and not dense like others. I'm not quite sure what else to write, as I don't think I will ever get the opportunity to review any other desserts at MoVida...I only have one thing and one thing only.

But I've always wondered whether or not if I hype something up to people and in part, in my own mind, the outcome/result will often result in a let down. I've also wondered whether or not my expectations will gradually exceed  achievable reality. I've also wondered if I had inadvertenly put myself in a situation where I would be underwhelmed by this creme caramel. This, which I am elated to report, is not, and never will be the case for this creme caramel. It is still as f****** good as ever. Keeping in mind, after the bravas, I was >< close to munting.  If you haven't had it...just f******* go and have it.

MoVida Aqui, 500 Bourke St (enter via Lt Bourke St), Melbourne CBD

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ebr999 said...

I'm so proud you said shit, fuck and munting in the same review.In fact, I think you should create your own rating system, like giving restaurants an awesomeness rating.

However, I'm a little disturbed by the food porn.

Dave said...

Don't you be disturbed. Just look at your country! THAT'S what you should be disturbed about Betty.

You are clearly my ONLY friend as you're the only one that comments. I'm starting to think no one reads my rants.

Debbie said...

Love this review because I was there and I just relived our dinner - yum! When we were there, in some part of my mind I was sure you'd raved so much about the flan that I thought it'd be underwhelming. Then I tried a bit of yours (very generous of you I might add, given you love that thing more than life itself) and it didn't fail to satisfy!

Paul said...

lots of good reviews on your site - thanks.

Just a suggestion - try the ganache at Movida. The creme caramel is good, but the ganache is better imho.