Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pier, Zumbo and stuff.

Well, what a day of disappointments, and you know when I start a post with a negative note, it ain't going to be PRETTY!

Well today, I went back to this Adriano Zumbo's cake shop or whatever you call it and again, there was a freaken queue. I suspected it was so damn busy and the demand was so high that they just couldn't cope. It is kind of funny in retrospect, as I wondered why no one was coming out...well, when I got far enough into the store - I realised. ONE staff was all they had. Ok, maybe TWO, but one person was just stocking up stuff so he doesn't count. But ONE? I mean...after the success of  Masterchef? ONE? I now understand why there is a queue....

I suppose you are wondering, was it worth it? If it was your local, yeah probably. But if say, you were from Melbourne and you were in Sydney, should you bother detouring? Probably not. With food, there are times, when the place is a destination in itself (think Quay), but those times and places are rare.

However, since I was already there, how could I not buy macarons? They are good...but then again, macarons are macarons are macarons....

The weather in Sydney must've known I was coming as it was miserable for most of the day until the afternoon when I was about to leave! I decided to try out Pier in Rosebay.

Well, Pier, is a restaurant that overhangs onto the water...funnily, just like a Pier. With the shimmering light, the view is mesmerising, a place that could let you dream the day away. Notwithstanding the fact that it was a nice location, there are better. Even in Melbourne, sitting at Donovans right on St Kilda beach is just as, if not more, relaxing. Service was good, a little casual, but I suppose that is the direction they are taking. But with a restaurant like this, the balance between casual and just being too casual is a very fine line.

I noticed the wait staff made mistakes on other tables on a number of occasions...that's a no no. No no indeed. I started with a cauliflower and mushroom agedashi. This was a very interesting dish indeed. The cauliflower is pureed and deep fried to mimick tofu - brilliance! The consomme was deep and complex, but where it lacked finnesse in my opinion was that it was just a little over salted. Just a little, but then again, these tiny tiny things make all the difference.

I progressed onto a steamed trumpeter with onions, peas and mushroom consomme. I over did the mushroom theme, but I didn't read the menu properly, so my fault. I was so excited that trumpeter was on the menu as it is not often offered in restaurants (or not that I have seen anyway) - but I really REALLY want to make one thing clear. If I didn't order Sashimi, don't serve me fish that is raw. I am sure the fish was sashimi grade and it was fine, but it was like my experience having snapper sashimi - not quite the same as salmon or tuna.AND I'm sure I'm not meant to be chewing until tomorrow!

I also had a bone - Matt Preston would have been LIVID! This was a fail.

Overall, Pier didn't hit the mark. Neither did Adriano Zumbo's. I really just need to figure out parking in Sydney and find myself a baguette.

P.S, Toby's Estate in Sydney is just as good as the one in Melbourne.

Adriano Zumbo Patissier, 296 Darling St, Balmain, NSW
Pier Restaurant, 504 New South Head Road, Rose Bay, NSW

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