Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taste of Melbourne

I am certain there will be a thousand and one posts about the Taste of Melbourne this year. I may as well be the 1002. As a patron of the 2010 one, my expectations were high. As in 2010, some of Melbourne's highest profile restaurants had stalls. But this year, the offering was slightly different.

I am not sure if the organisers couldn't entice the two and/or three hat restaurants this year, or whether or not they wanted it to be more of a reflection of the gamut of good eats that Melbourne has to offer. Irrespective of the reason, expectations remained high, despite the list of restaurants and menus being announced weeks prior.

Scallops from Stokehouse
Wagyu Burger from The Palace
Spicy Meatballs from European
Smoked Duck Rillettes from Libertine
Paella from Comida Bebe
Raspberry and Rosella Flower Cannelloni from Charcoal Lane
Exotic Fruit Vacherin from Maze

I started off really excited and really looking forward to getting the ultra sugary Mojito from some popup bar that was there last year, but unfortunately they weren't there this time around. The one from Longrain tasted like mint water and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought so, because that would mean I'm imagining things.

Verdict? Good mix of restaurants, not so high profile, but generally "good eats". Compared to last year, a little lack lustre.

Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton, Over for 2010.


ebr999 said...

I can't believe you ate all that and you STILL pay out on me for eating (wholemeal) pasta!!

Everymorning I get off the bus outside burger king (hj) and i really want one of their crappy egg and cheese muffins. Do you think i should just take the plunge and get it out of my system? Or will it lead to a downward spiral of bad breakfast eating?

YOu should review some breakfast/brunch places. Change it up, man.

Dave said...

Funny you should say that. I was going to blog something tomorrow about a cafe.

Watch this space.