Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Green Refectory

I have a secret.

I really like Green. It is quintiessentially Brunswick. The food is simple, good, hearty food. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing fancy about it.

I disagree with their use of "illy" coffee however, as there are so so many good local roasters (such as Toby Estate whose Melbourne HQ are down the road).

Anyway, Green is always packed. The fight to get in, the fight to line up is a challenge in itself, and it is order at the counter style cafe, so sometimes also the fight to get your food! But at the end of the experience (trauma) , you'll find great value pastries ($2 spinach triangles for example salads and rif raf.

Special mention goes to their muffins as they are unbelievably good. The savoury muffins are better than Phillipa's Bakery in Armadale. Oh yeah, I made the comparison alright. A cheap and nasty (or in this case not so nasty) muffin in Brunswick kicks Armadale's ass!

The down side is that service is slow slow slow. Seriously slow. It could be a 15 minute wait for them to get you your takeaway...which is already on display (I know wtf?).

Oh by the way, if you try and look for it, there's no signage. Just look for the Illy sign - it's opposite Weston St (near the traffic lights).

Green Refectory, 115 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Cindy said...

I agree - the muffins are great, the service slow. And to think that ordering takeaway doesn't help!

Anonymous said...

I am a staff member and Batista at the green Refectory. Sandy green runs the cafe, bakes alone every day 7 days a week. She pushes herself to supply Brunswick riff raff with food ridiculously underpriced. Your food may take a while longer mainly because there is 15 orders before yours. It's no st Ali but it's cheap and you'll wait a little while but be happy you did.