Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mr Wolf

 Well , this blog is incredibly late. It was only when I was reminded that I hadn't blogged the witty comments that we came up with during the night that I realised I totally forgot to post.

As you can imagine, I can't remember what the witty comments were so...yeh you get shitty photos and not so much wit.

Anyway, Mr Wolf, a pizza joint, that does wood oven pizzas. Good joint if you're a local. But shit, I absolutely hate driving and parking around St Kilda. Shit I really hate it. Do you know how much I hate it? THIS much > lots <. We couldn't get a table at the "proper" restaurant, but was offered seats at the bar section, which they indicated had the same menu. It was a nice warmish night (except for when it rained like hell), so neither of us minded sitting right next to the door.

Look, it was that long ago that I can't remember a whole lot about what it was all about other than what the pictures show. Some fried eggplant with aioli, but as you would know anything fried with mayo is a winner. You know that right?

We had a pizza each, one margherita and one mushroom. Both good. Thin crust, nice quality toppings. The booze was also good too.

Oh, and the damn waiter kept kicking my chair everytime he passed my seat. Seriously dude , it does get irritating even though I didn't say anything!!!

Otherwise, good pizza joint...but there's so many around less "hostile" suburbs.

By the way Betty, if you remember the witty comments, can you post them in the comments section so the world can also relish in your wit?

Mr Wolf, 9-15 Inkerman St, St Kilda

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Anonymous said...

What pizza is that in your 3rd photo?