Sunday, June 19, 2011

Southern Ocean Lodge - Food

Kangaroo Island has a strong epicurean scene with local artisan producers of dairy, honey and shellfish. The philosophy of the Southern Ocean Lodge is to source local, seasonal, and in some cases, organic produce. The dining philosophy is that everything is included, a rotating menu to allow guests to sample some of the produce Kangaroo Island, and South Australia has to offer. This of course, extends right through to their wines and beers.

There is just too much to detail and frankly, my memory isn't that amazing.


What better way to start each morning than with a refreshing smoothie.

WHY do they just leave this to self service. I have no self control.
The biggest coffee I've had. It's practically a bowl of coffee.
Wild pine mushrooms with a poached egg on ciabatta.


Some lunches were better than others, but generally good quality produce. Simple and indeed light, but often the courses allowed for quite a bit of food.The organic lemon curd was pretty damn good.



Our final dinner was one of the best, with a consomme of local abalone, duck, salad and chocolate delice. Perfect progression of food.

The food at Southern Ocean Lodge, is in general excellent. Breakfast could have been more sophisticated in the execution (ie, fried eggs in rings? seriously? poached eggs done in glad wrap - not served with the glad wrap, but you can tell...seriously?). Lunch and dinner was where the lodge excelled. Dinner of course, was up there with some of the better restaurants in Melbourne. I love the concept of having dinner "whenever you feel...", but often that'd be about 7.30 for us!

Prior to dinner each night, we also had canapes and drinks. It was more a time for us to relax, continue reading the book that I tried so hard to read during the day but was constantly distracted by the amazing views. what more could you ask for? Alcohol, wood fire, grand spaces and canapes and a good book. Overall, we didn't leave disappointed with the food. It wasn't flawless, but it was by far better than what I had expected in such a remote location.

Oh, on our last day as we were about to depart Kangaroo Island, we decided to visit Andemal (the Marron farm). Look, they do need a bit of assistance in the menu...but the marron was good, despite the "auxillary" items in the dish. We'll just leave it at that!

Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia

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