Friday, January 29, 2010

Bar Lourinhä and MoVida

Well, it was about time I talked about these places as they are amongst my most favourite casual places to eat in Melbourne, but I really had to wait until I went back otherwise I would be blogging retrospectively on everything!

Where do I start? If gluttony was a sin, I would be pretty bad...I think it actually is a sin, but whatever. Bar Lourinhä is the type of place that you go to after work and think this is what I work for. It is the type of place, where booze, food, and rants mesh and it is the type of place where you sit, talk, eat and think this is pretty damn good. The food is heavily Spanish with things such as fried piquillo peppers with salt, where some random spicy varieties are thrown in for good measure, beautiful tortillas and pork skewers (shame they didn't have the king prawn skewers this time)  all of which are destined to be shared amongst good company.

The menu obviously changes, and changes quite substantially as the last time I was there things such as lamb, paella and rabbit were on the menu. All the more reason to go everyday! So all I need now is a job nearby and I'm set!!

The no reservations policy casualises the place, with massive bar seating, some tables and couches, all adding to the charm. Bar Lourinhä is an effortless tapas bar that for today at least, nourished my sanity. Unfortunately, I really didn't think it was appropriate to take photos...when I say "appropriate" I really mean embarrassed...who does that!

Anyway, even after the inexorbitant amount of food consumed, my dear friend Debbie and I thought dessert was essential so we tried our luck at MoVida (the original) but weren't allowed to have dessert unless we actually ate food. In retrospect, to save our trip to MoVida Aqui, we could've maybe just lied and said, yes we'll eat dinner, but then once we get our seats say "oh I hate everything on your menu, we only want dessert". I mean, what are they going to do ? Kick us out?

I know I'm digressing, but we nevertheless ventured to MoVida Aqui (the third in the series), and finally got seats. As you may have read how much I rave about their flan? OMFG, IT IS STILL AS FREAKEN GOOD AS IT EVER WAS.For good measure I poured some Moritz beer on it, believe me, it wasn't an accident at all...

To this day, I have yet to have a dessert that surpasses MoVida's creme caramel. Instantly, my problems go away. The beer helps too. I think I have two favourite beers now, Moritz and Birra Moretti. I'm sure they can equally make my problems go to find a stockist....

Bar Lourinhä, 37 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
MoVida Aqui, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne
PS, I know this post probably makes no sense, so when I'm not so freaken tired, I'll actually read what I'm writing.


ebr999 said...

I thought everyplace was a place for you to rant? And as if you ever get embarrased, ha!!

And what is Dave doing on his b...b...b...b...birthday?!?!?!

Dave said...

YOU SHUT UP BETTY! If you mention that dirty b word again I'm going to have to dedicate a WHOLE post on sullying your name. Then you'll get your mention. So I could kill 2 birds with the one stone.

Debbie said...

I'm glad to see I got a mention! And the flan, regardless of how good it is, really couldn't have tasted that great being doused in Moritz, surely!

Dave said...

No Debbie, it makes sense when you combine two awesome things, it becomes super awesome. EVERYONE knows that.

But man, what I would do for a Moritz or a Moretti RIGHT NOW. Like RIGHT NOW.