Monday, January 4, 2010

El Bulli, Spain (Here's hoping!)

You know how I've become super impulsive and started booking flights without checking whether or not I can actually go (only domestic, I'm not retarded)? OK, maybe you don't. But anyway, I'm hoping to be even more impulsive and travel over 18,000 kilometers to dine at El Bulli.

Some of you may know El Bulli. Some of you may go way back with El Bulli, but I don't go way back. I don't even know if I'll be allowed near the place.

The restaurant, is known to be the world's best restaurant with a strong focus on what appears to be molecular gastronomy - things that go BANG (no just kidding). You know, stuff like crushing olives to extract their essence, then reconstituting them in spherification processes, freeze drying processes etc. Stuff you'd do at home - that's if your home was actually a lab and the lab was super impressive. Unlikely.

To give you some indication of why I want to dine at this place so much, they are open for 6 months of the year which equates to only 8000 seats. And annually, they get in excess of 2 million reservation requests (note i didn't use a lot of zero's, because make no mistake, thats MILLION - or at least that's what it says in "A day at El Bulli" by Ferran Adria). Naturally, knowing these statistics, I have to try and beat the odds and eat there. Don't YOU want to do the same?

I have it all planned, upon confirmation, I will book my flights (with little regard for everything else that is happening around me), put in a hire car request, and in the meantime start driving on the wrong side of the road - I'll consider it training. It will be just like a pilgrimage for an important cause. I will also resume my spanish lessons, because we all know how good I am in

Well, I've now emailed off my request for reservations. So, here's hoping that I get my reservations confirmed!! Fingers cross amigos!


El Bulli
, Roses, Spain.


ebr999 said...

Did they do an article about the chef in the Good Weekend a while ago? Yep, I make my parents send me the Good Weekend.

And to answer about the food in Ireland, your options are either 'the chipper' or 'the chinese' both of which feature the infamous curry chips. mmmmmmmm.

ebr999 said...

Ok, I reveiwed all my old Good Weekend collection and the article was actually about Fat Duck.