Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Yes, I WILL harangue you about coffee. Yes you are a bad person for drinking Starbucks.

Now that I've got that out of the way, I can start ranting. Or was that ranting too? Anyway...

Firstly, make no mistake that coffee will solve your problems, it will solve all your problems - and those of you that don't have regular doses of coffee will have many many problems. I can almost guarantee it (almost). If you haven't figured it out yet, I take my coffee seriously (see my sexy picture above - taken a while ago)

Seriously though, one of the positives of being busy all the time is the appreciation of the times when you do stop and just watch the day go by. One of the greatest joys in life, in my opinion, is sitting around and sipping on a perfectly extracted coffee. The texture, taste and warmth that coffee delivers makes me instantly feel better when I've had, or preparing for, a long day.

One of my favourite places to have a coffee would be Toby's Estate (given its proximity to work, 3 mins drive, it is a refuge from the chaos that I sometimes have to deal with!!). Located on Weston St in Brunswick, it is tucked away in a warehouse come cafe. Brilliant.

Some of you may already be aware of the name, Toby's Estate, as a lot of excellent cafes use their beans (as they are roasters and retailers) - Degraves Espresso Bar to name one, and Degraves itself, is an institution. I used to visit that place so often it was verging on ridiculous.

They were the good old days.

Anyway, I digress - Coffee at Toby's is always consistent, extracted with care, and always the comforting drink you'd expect. I must admit, I've made my fair share of lunch time dashes for a bit of sanity. But perhaps one of my most favourite things is to actually wake up early (I know... WTF?), drive into work (and not be late...), detour to Toby's Estate and sit by the window and just watch a perfect day begin, and THEN be late. That is how a morning should start. That is my pura vida. Trust me, you should visit. If I wake up early just to make it know you'll be onto a winner.


Toby's Estate, Weston St, Brunswick

Where else?

Degraves Espresso Bar, Degraves St, City
Brother Baba Budan, Little Bourke St, City
The Maling Room, Maling Road, Canterbury


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's taken you this long to do a post about coffee....

I have starbucks a lot, they appreciate my custom so much they even sent me a coupon book. Does that make me really evil?

PS If you're so good at making the pictures on the top of coffee, you should totally do a virgin mary one and sell it on ebay for about a million bucks.

Dave said...

To answer your question, yes it does make you really evil. Make no mistake you are a bad person - why do you think they "appreciate" your custom? It's like a cult leader appreciating your membership.....see the correlation?

I would love to make a million bucks. But to sell it on EBAY for a million bucks it needs to MIRACULOUSLY appear, I thought EVERYONE knew that? This is the result of prolonged starbucks consumption, it is damaging to logic.