Friday, January 22, 2010


First thing's first. Do you like beef? Do you like good beef? Do you like really really good beef? If you answered yes to all questions then proceed If you answered No, you need not read further.

At Takumi, it is all about the beef, as it is the hero. Here, it is not simply a grass fed angus that features, but the cuts are the same as those used by the most luxurious restaurants in Melbourne - Blackmore's Wagyu. David Blackmore (note the same first name as me), produces some amazing wagyu beef that until you actually try it, you wouldn't know what I'm talking about. The beef, the marbelling, the succulence, simply enables beef to become an experience - as it really does melt-in-your mouth.

At Takumi, charcoals fire a grill that you, the diner, cook your thin slices of meat, vegetables and seafood on. Glazed with lard, food amazing does not stick on the grill (funny how fat can do that).. But be warned, if you are a vegetarian, or on a diet, don't come to this restaurant. Several varieties of cuts from the cow are available. Blade, rump, whatever, I don't know. But all I know is that there were quite a few, with prices ranging from anywhere between $16 to $35 per 100-120g.

The pricing is amazing value given the quality of cuts, as other restaurants have wagyu at around $100 for around 200g. The charcoal cooking method, and the marbeling, enables the beef to crisp up without going dry.

Honorable mentions goto the other things we bbq'd, but frankly, you don't goto Takumi for the seafood, or 'vegetables', you go for Wagyu. And you go for lots of Wagyu. Of course, with all this meat there had to be a token salad. No revelations with the salad, typical japanese style dressed salad.

The only downside of Takumi is that cooking your own food could get old...pretty quickly. Some could argue that this is part of the charm...Nevertheless, don't let this deter you from experiencing Takumi, as I suspect when people start to discover this place, getting in won't be so easy.


Takumi, 32 Bourke Street, Melbourne City

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