Monday, January 11, 2010

Coffee. No 2

Good intentions always start off well. I was intending to make the most of the lighter traffic during this time of year, and perhaps get to Parkville around 45 minutes earlier so I could visit Seven Seeds, chill and enjoy my coffee and let the day slowly begin. Seven Seeds is until today, a place which I had yet to try, and I could not believe I had waited so long - I obviously have flaws (only this one though).

Almost always they remain good intentions, and do not come to fruition (the get to work early part). Don't for a minute, think that I actually gave up my morning coffee! I figured my productivity would increase FIVE fold post coffee consumption, as I figured rather than have mediocre staff working, why not have staff that are FIVE fold more productive. That is my justification from the company's perspective anyway. I think one of these days, I'm going to fired for strolling in late with coffee in hand...

But anyway, I detoured, and went hunting for Seven Seeds as it isn't the easiest place to find. All I have to say is that it was so worth it. And I imagine, it will always be so worth it.  Seven Seeds, on Berkely St in Carlton was unbelievably good, and my expectations were already stratospherically high (as there are many good establishments like Toby's nearby). When the extraction is this good,  life is worth living - so to be consistent with my previous post, if you have problems, have a coffee at Seven Seeds to make your problems go away. Yes, it is a big call, but if you don't believe me, try it for yourself.

If it weren't for the ridiculous 43°C weather in Melbourne, I would've done my usual lunch time run to get a coffee, guilt free since Toby's Estate is closed on Mondays. Next time.


Seven Seeds, 114 Berekley St, Carlton


Anonymous said...

You won't get fired for strolling in with several cups of coffee to hand out to each person you 'would have' offended for being late.

ebr999 said...

So I've switched from starbucks to instant coffee with at least three (3) fake sugars. Happy?