Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Minor Place

No...the place is really called "A Minor Place", located in the backstreets of Brunswick, the place will leave you feeling just a little scared. You are in no doubt that you are in Brunswick, and you are in no doubt that you are in the backstreets of Brunswick.

I was tempted not to get out of my car and just drive back given it was full of alternative types (very alternative, and I'm not exaggerating) and I was on my lunch break - I really needed to look dirtier and have scruffier hair. However, I mustered enough courage to check the place out and get out of my car. Once inside, I was a put at ease that the congregation outside was not reflective of EVERYONE that frequents this place. Trust me, the look, and the fact that they were sitting on milk crates was not something I look for in a coffee joint.

Overall, good coffee, good sandwiches and decent service (albeit, scary). It was sort of like discovering degraves espresso bar back in the days when I was young and naive, but 10 fold more hardcore. I had to wait far too long for my food, but having said that, even Seven Seeds has made me wait 20mins for takeaway once. So I think i'm getting used to the fact that in Brunswick, you just have to wait.

A bit of a hike from work, so I probably wouldn't be visiting this place too frequently, whilst Toby's Estate and Seven Seeds still delivers my fix.


A Minor Place, 103 Albion St, Brunswick

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ebr999 said...

You know I have no phone credit!! I am on the poverty line, subsisting on potatoes!!

I think you should develop a rating system for coffee shops (except they're all so fancy now, maybe you should call it a coffee 'experience'), like a picture of your head is one star, and five dave's heads is five stars!!

Dave said...

STOP being dramatic. People on the poverty line don't holiday on the canary islands.

Anyway, when are you coming back to society? Had enough of leper land? YOU better bring me back something awesome, you owe me big time for not getting me those t-shirts. BIG time, I remember these things.

ebr999 said...

We have to get Derek;s visa first, which involves: medical, x-ray, police check, statutory decs from people in Australia, written statements about our relationship, bills and proof we've been living together.... and of course they want money as well.

What presents do you want? Those guiness slippers I showed you? I believe you can get them in thong form as well....