Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Courthouse

Well, I think I may have set a personal best for breaking road rules...but always safely of course. Yes, probably a bit of a contradiction but seriously...

I've been trying really hard over the last few weeks to get my eating back on track after the last few months of over indulgence in crap that I shouldn't be eating, but I will have to admit, last week was a the low point. For almost a year now, I've cleaned up my diet, and even when I eat out, it's always a relatively measured approach (ok, every now and then I screw it up, but its only incidental). Never would I have ever gone out and stuffed my face with fried chicken (see previous post).
You can probably gather I'm still shame ridden. Anyway, dinner at the Courthouse was well and truly more controlled and pleasant. I started with the morton bay bug, which was fine, but nothing spectacular. My friend had the quail , which I note, did look delicious.

For the main show, I had the wild venison with jerusalem artichokes or something and yeah, it was brilliant.
I think what excited us (me) most were the side dishes of cauliflower and brussel sprouts. I love love love cauliflower. I eat so much of it that you would sort of expect me to get sick of it - but I don't. Cauliflower with grains, sultanas etc.. and the brussel sprouts were cooked with a bit of butter, nice and caramelised and just delicious.

For a sweet finish, I had the pumpkin brulee which was surprisingly good, with just the perfect amount of sweetness.

The Courthouse is definitely worth a visit if you're around North Melbourne. Is it the best gastropub out there? Probably not, but will you get a good meal out of it and leave pretty satisifed - yep.

The Courthouse, 90 Errol St, North Melbourne
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