Monday, July 18, 2011


I swear...if another person says I'm in a shitty mood...

Anyway, I'm still getting used to this "RDO" "ADO" or whatever the hell they call the days where you get off from work. It is a novel thing which I'm trying to get my head around...does that mean I get 26 days of LEAVE in addition to my annual leave? HELL YES.

Anyway, on my second "ADO", I decided that it was breakfast at the old faithful Pope Joan and to my surprise they had truffles. It has been a long time old friend, a long time indeed (see post about Simon Johnson screwing up and not getting them in for Christmas - yes, I still remember and I don't want to order them again from you) - man, maybe I am in a shitty mood.
After having breakfast (I think it was more an early lunch than anything), I headed down south to Prahran Market to get some stuff. A visit to the pasta store to get their meat balls for my freezer as a quick non-processed tasty lunch.

And of course, after saying hello to my old friends, how could I resist when there was a massive sign that said MANJIMUP TRUFFLES from the mushroom man. I mean, seriously, ****, that is seriously calling to me isn't it? It is if you were wondering. I also bought some other french mushrooms which I can't quite remember the name of - but I wasn't that impressed with them (especially because they were about 150$ a kg (I do note, that it serves me right for buying stuff that has been transported so far).

What visit to Prahran market would be complete without a stop at Delicatess to get some Jamon. Yes, the photo you see below is a half eaten sandwich. I apologise if young children are reading this with their parents, but some ciabatta with a good slathering of mayo, butter and joselito gran reserva - oh yeah. Yes, store lady, you are right, it is the best jamon I will and have eaten, and yes store lady, I will be back.

Yes, then there is coffee at the Market. Market Lane is nice space, using good quality milk for their coffees (Schulz Organic Farm and apparently they use unhomogised milk). Schulz if you're wondering, does an amazing yoghurt. The coffee was ok, but maybe next time I'll put my shit down and in the car before I try to juggle two coffees (yes, that's how I roll, apparently, I can't just have one like a normal person), and stack it on the way to the car.

Pope Joan, 77-79 Nicholson St, Brunswick East
Prahran Market, Commercial Road, Prahran
Market Lane Coffee on Urbanspoon

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