Friday, July 1, 2011

Hardware Societe

Yes, I am the billionth person to blog about this place. Make that the billionth and one. What else can I say? It's busy, it's famous, and it's pretty cool.

We got there at 7.30 on a workday (ok, I got there @ 7.35, and I did demand that this unnamed person NOT be late). She wasn't late. I had to reschedule for a few minutes later.

The place was already buzzing. It is surprising how busy this place is even at this time of morning. The staff were incredibly friendly, a feat in itself for such an uncivilised hour.

We both ordered the omlette (with goats curd or something) and some mushrooms. So nothing fancy, but a good breakfast nonetheless.

I can see why people would love this place - for the very fact that they seem to make such a massive effort in the service space.

Also for their Padre coffee (from Brunswick East Project) and omfg, for those pistachio torsades (like what they also have at Brunswick East Project) , which I think are from Noisette.

I'm looking forward to trying lunch out....but maybe after I go for a bit of a run.....

Oh Happy New Financial Year!!! Isn't it exciting...

Hardware Societe, 120 Hardware St, Melbourne CBD
The Hardware Societe on Urbanspoon

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