Monday, July 11, 2011

My urban garden...mid July update

I could have waited another few weeks to update you with the progress of my winter crops given the last update was only a few weeks ago, but HOW could I resist when 1 (one) of my romanescos have finally started to crop.

Yes, I know, they are prolific at markets at the moment, but there is something incredibly satisfying when you grow your own food.

Also, my melting mammoths...or should I say melting mammoth (singular) has started to flower. I don't know why it's the only one flowering because I put them all in at the same time... the others seem like a few weeks away as I have not seen any signs of buds appearing either. With the exception of the sugar snaps which have started to set pods.

The melting mammoths and purple pods have grown so tall that I've run out of trellis for them to climb but they look strong enough to put up with the extra weight and wind (I hope).

Well, optimism has now returned and I'm slowly preparing for spring and summer plantings. I've ordered myself a heated propagator so I can get an early start.

I don't know about you, but I find it hilarious that I really do have a cabbage patch...I'm laughing about it RIGHT NOW.

My garden

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