Sunday, July 24, 2011


Do you have moments where you know you're about to do something that you will instantly regret? But you know you're going to do it anyway? Do you have those moments where you almost have to do it just so you stop thinking about it?

"Gami" was that type of moment. It has been weeks in the making, WEEKS. The plan was to meet after work and go for nasty korean fried chicken (ok, in all fairness, the plan to go for nasty korean fried chicken was all mine, but I insist on sharing the blame). Well, it happened and I am full of shame.

What can I say? It was just a damn lot of fried chicken. Maybe I wouldn't be filled with shame if it was mind blowing - it wasn't, it was ok. I am however, surprised at how disappointed some people were when they were told they had to wait 1.5hrs to get seats. One guy even tried to negotiate this point indicating that "it's pretty fast food, blah blah people eat and go ". I mean dude...seriously?

Anyway, they handed out a bowl of prawn crackers or whatever that you get at an asian super market - I can even picture the silver bag, and I really don't know why we were given these things - but whatever, I'll say that it's part of the experience. We ordered the pancake, which was ok, but I wasn't too sure about the dipping sauce which was really just soy sauce , with flakey things that looked like chilli, but wasn't really hot - what happened to just mayo? Japanese mayo ? Yes, I know this is a Korean fried chicken place...but if going to use tomato sauce on cabbage as a salad dressing, then I figure it would be ok to use Japanese mayo on a pancake.

For the fried chicken we got the half sweet chilli and half original (so that  I think it was equivalent to a whole chicken or something, and it was scary how close we got to finishing it. I wasn't actually full, I just felt like hurling after eating nothing but fried chicken and beer. It says a lot when you start eating pickles because it's "refreshing". Yes, I'm sure that to some degree, acetic acid helps digestion...right?

Overall, I'm not sure why this place is that busy because it isn't mind blowing fried chicken. But if you just want to stuff your face in Korean fried chicken (just add salt and you've got yourself KFC) then I suppose this place is as good as any. if you're in the CBD.

Gami, 100 Lt Lonsdale St, CBD

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Anonymous said...

Reading your review, you already sounded biased calling it 'nasty fried chicken' even before you tried it.


Dave said...

If you're going to make accusations, at least try and use appropriate grammar. It's you are A whore.